ITAFoS has 3 laboratories which include the function and focus of tropical agricultural research and food security at UPM. The laboratories are:

  1. Laboratory of Climate-Smart Food Crop Production
  2. Laboratory of Sustainable Animal Production and Biodiversity
  3. Laboratory of Food Safety and Food Integrity


Each laboratory is composed by the Head of Laboratory and several Associate Researchers. Each laboratory research program is different according to the functionality of each laboratory. The research programs are as follows:

   Laboratory Of Climate-Smart Food Crop Production

  • Programme 1 : Improvement And Sustainable Rice Production For Food Security
  • Programme 2 : Production Of High Value Vegetables Under Protected Cultivation In Tropics


   Laboratory Of Sustainable Animal Production And Biodiversity

  • Programme 1 : Novel Feed Resilient To Climate Change Challenges For Sustainable Animal Production In The Tropics
  • Programme 2 : Enhancing Stress Tolerance To Improve Performance, Meat Quality And Welfare In Animals


   Laboratory Of Food Safety And Food Integrity

  • Programme 1 : Bioprotection And Safety Assessment Of Mycotoxins In Corn For Animal Feed
  • Programme 2 : Reduction Of Chemical And Microbiological Contaminants In Rice-Bran And Rice Products



Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Food Security (ITAFoS) is offering full time programmes at Master and PhD to qualified candidates with Degree and Master Degree holder from universities recognized by UPM. We have 5 main fields of study while another 12 fields are shared with other faculties. For more information regarding enrollment application, tuition fees, and others, please visit School of Graduate Studies website.

  • Core fields at ITAFoS
  1. Animal Biotechnology
  2. Animal Nutrition
  3. Animal Waste Management
  4. Food Security and Climate Change
  5. Post-Harvest Technology
  6. Weed Science


  • Shared field of study with other Faculties
  1. Agronomy
  2. Animal Physiology
  3. Animal Production
  4. Animal Welfare
  5. Food Safety
  6. Genetics and Breeding
  7. Horticulture
  8. Microbial Biotechnology
  9. Pesticide Management
  10. Agriculture Technology
  11. Plant Physiology
  12. Soil Science







Candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Programme With Thesis

Candidates must fulfill the minimum entry requirements as stated: Master's Programme Degree holders from Universities recognized by UPM in the related field of sciences such as agriculture, animal husbandry, veterinary science, food science, biotechnology, agriculture mechanization and etc, with CGPA of 2.75 and above or equivalent.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme With Thesis

Programme Candidate mush have a Master's degree from universities recognized by UPM in related field of sciences field such as agriculture, animal husbandry, veterinary science, food science, biotechnology, agriculture mechanization, with CGPA of 3.00 and above or equivalent.



Students pursuing the MSc./PhD programme with thesis are not required to take any course work. However, the advisor or supervisory committee can recommend certain relevant courses to help the students in their research. Students are required to submit a thesis for examination at the end of the programme and to comply with the specific requirements of the relevant graduate programme if there is any.



  • Laboratory of Animal Production
  • Animal Research Centre
  • Laboratory of Soil and Plant Nutrition
  • Laboratory of Molecular and Food Crops
  • Laboratory of Plant Physiology
  • Laboratory of Pest and Disease Management
  • Unit of Agrotech Fertigation
  • Unit of Ladang 10
  • Unit of Ladang 15 (Glasshouse)
  • Laboratory of Food Security
  • LC-ICPMS Laboratory
  • Chemical Testing











Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) gives priority to the students’ essentials and their well-being especially among current students who are studying in UPM. Hence, UPM ensures that it provides an array of technology equipment and facilities in order to guarantee that the students’ welfare is well taken care of. In line with that, various programs and non-academic related activities are carried out so as to provide a conducive environment where students can appreciate quality leisure times and subsequently creating balance between academic achievement, soft skills and sustainable living.
Please visit School of Graduate Studies's website for more new information such as Academic Calendar, Study Cost, Students Affairs and others. 

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Graduates Year 2010

Doctor of Philosophy Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of Study
1. GS18561 Dr. Jose Alvaro Cristancho Rodriguez Soil fertility and plant nutrition
2. GS19021 Dr. Md. Kamal Uddin Weed science


Master of Science Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of Study
1. GS18894 Hamidah Ali Kamarulzaman Genetics and plant breeding
2. GS18626  Elya Masya Mohd Fishal Plant pathology
3. GS17615   Ili Bazilah Abd Razak Plant pathology
4. GS17618   Yuvarani Naidu Raju Naidu  Plant patologi
5. GS19843  Edi Erwan  Animal production


Graduates Year 2011

Doctor of Philosophy Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS19585 Dr. Fatemeh Mahdavi Darvari Plant biotechnology
2. GS22192 Dr. Siamak Shirani Bidabadi Plant biotechnology
3. GS20474 Dr. Md. Abdul Hakim Agronomy
4. GS20976 Dr. Md. Kausar Hossain Microbial biotechnology 


Master of Science Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS21391 Roslina Sulaiman Plant pathology 
2. GS21969  Mohd As'wad Abdul Wahab Plant pathology
3. GS19339 Muhd Azlan Bin Abd Ghani Horticulture
4. GS18653 Asilah Binti Abdul Mutalib Microbial biotechnology
5. GS19107 Solmaz Mokhtari Horticulture
6. GS20768 Mohd Amir Zunnasri Bin Mohd Noor Entomology
7. GS19994 Yeoh Keat Ai Moleculor Biology
8. GS23930 Roger Lieu Toh Choon Plant pathology


Graduates Year 2012

Doctor of Philosophy Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS18431 Dr. Vahid Omidvar   Plant biotechnology
2. GS18499 Dr. Hendry Bin Joseph Plant pathology
3. GS20458 Dr. Fahimeh Alizadeh Microbial biotechnology
4. GS23819 Dr. Md. Parvez Anwar Agronomy 
5. GS19438 Dr. Jannatul Ferdous Genetics and breeding
6. GS23032 Dr. Sahar Shahnazi Sangachin Microbial biotechnology
7. GS23174 Dr. Md. Delwar Hossain Soil fertility and plant nutrition
8. GS19553 Dr. Shamala A/P Sundram Plant pathology
9. GS21670 Dr. Ng Lee Chuen Plant pathology
10. GS21305 Dr. Abdulmajid Nasher Ahmed Mohamed Horticulture


Master of Science Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS22328 Nur Sabrina Ahmad Azmi Plant pathology
2. GS21542 Aida Zakaria Animal production
3. GS23493 Mehdi Sohrabi Genetic engineering and molecular biology
4. GS19409 Sathyapriya Hamid Plant pathology
5. GS21806 Wu Ying Hooi Plant pathology
6. GS22511 Mohd Fauzihan Karim Environmental plant physiology


Graduates Year 2013

Doctor of Philosophy Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS20620 Nusaibah Syd Ali Plant biotechnology
2. GS19148 Bambang Surya Adji Syahputra Environmental plant physiology
3. GS21911 Mohammad Bagher Javadi Nobandegani Microbial biotechnology
4. GS20979 Rozita Osman Agronomy
5. GS18428 Seyed Eeman Nooraee Animal nutrition


Master of Science Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS21821 Cheong Li Chu Plant pathology
2. GS28917 Ibrahim Wasiu Arolu Genetics and breeding
3. GS28973 Muhammad Sirajul Mazid Plant biotechnology
4. GS24641 Siti Suliza Salamat Environmental plant physiology
5. GS29142 Nazihah binti Mohd Salehan Plant Pathology
6. GS23282 Kong Sze Ling Biotechnology and biomolecul sciences 
7. GS28141 Noorliana binti Mohd Zan Environmental plant physiology
8. GS26906 Tan Yung Chie Molecular biology
9. GS18481 Loke Wai Keong Microbial biotechnology


Graduates Year 2014

Doctor of Philosophy Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS25104 Dr. Zakry Fitri Ab. Aziz Microbial biotechnology
2. GS29800 Dr. Mahbod Sahebi Plant biotechnology
3. GS22311 Dr. A'fifah Abd.Razak Environmental plant physiology
4. GS23821 Dr. Tengoua Fabien Fonguimgo Soil fertility and plant nutrition
5. GS22818 Dr. Mohammadreza Mohammadi Plant Pathology
6. GS28282 Dr. Quazi Shireen Akhter Jahan Plant Pathology
7. GS27268 Dr. Sathis Sri Thanarajoo Plant Pathology


Master of Science Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS28135 Noor Asma'a Awang Plant physiology
2. GS28633 Lim Fook Hwa Genetic engineering and molecular biology
3. GS30351 Chen Wei Li Microbial biotechnology
4. GS22337 Nor Najihah Ismail Soil fertility and plant nutrition
5. GS22439 Anwar Abdel Gafar Shaban Ahmed Animal feed technology
6. GS30949 Majid Shakeri Animal nutrition
7. GS28493 Faiz Ahmad Soil fertility and plant nutrition
8. GS35271 Oladosu Yusuff Abisola Genetics and breeding


Graduates Year 2015

Doctor of Philosophy Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS31242 Dr. Ahmed Abed Wadi Al Juobori Animal feed technology
2. GS25100 Dr. Masnindah Binti Malahubban Animal feed technology
3. GS27190 Dr. Kwan Yee Min Plant biotechnology
4. GS31198 Dr. Gous Miah Molecular biotechnology
5. GS28479 Dr. Nasiruddeen Umar Matazu Genetic engineering and molecular biology
6. GS27506 Dr. Nur Shuhada Binti Muhamad Tajudin Soil fertility and plant nutrition
7. GS32242 Dr. Farahnaz-Sadat Golestan-Hashemi Plant biotechnology
8. GS30978 Dr. Parisa Azizi Plant biotechnology
9. GS27093 Dr. Azzreena Binti Mohamad Azzeme Plant biotechnology
10. GS29924 Dr. S. M. Shamsuzzaman Soil fertility and plant nutrition
11. GS33264 Dr. Neda Naderali Plant biotechnology
12. GS29768 Dr. Shahram Mahmoud Soltani Soil fertility and plant nutrition
13. GS25674 Dr. Nurul Amalina Binti Mohd Zain Environmental plant physiology


Master of Science Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS27652 Maryam Sargolzaei Plant biotechnology
2. GS30495 Iffah Haifaa Bt Mat Deris Bioteknologi molekular
3. GS30341 Clement Wong Kiing Fook Plant biotechnology
4. GS28494 Nurul Mayzaitul Azwa Binti Jamaludin Soil fertility and plant nutrition
5. GS31719 Mahdi Moradpour Agrotechnology
6. GS34968 Nurhazirah Bt Shazali Animal feed technology
7. GS22160 Jackie Chua Plant Pathology 
8. GS27670 Nurfaezah Binti Saaid Plant Pathology
9. GS34808 Simayi Yibadatihan Food security
10. GS29885 Olubodun Joshua Omolayo Animal production
11. GS27421 Mohd Azlan Bin Pauzi Animal nutrition
12. GS27708 Farah Hanis Binti Juhari Animal behavior and welfare 


Graduates Year 2016

Doctor of Philosophy Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS30632 Dr. Nisha Thopla Govender Plant biotechnology
2. GS31205 Dr. Pardis Najafi Animal behavior and welfare
3. GS35018 Dr. Suriya Kumari Ramiah Animal physiology
4.  GS34279 Dr. Elmutaz Atta Awad Mohamed Animal production
5.  GS29485 Dr. Hasmah Binti Mohidin Soil fertility and plant nutrition
6.  GS34719 Dr. Tuhina Khatun Agrotechnology
7.  GS30881 Dr. Kareem Isiaka Plant fisiology
8.  GS28424 Dr. Shamsuddeen Rufai Agronomy 


Master of Science Program

No. Matric No. Name Field of study
1. GS35337 Rabi'atul 'Adawiyah Ahmad Sukri Plant pathology
2. GS31140 Yassir Wesam Abdlzahera Animal production
3. GS28492 Nur Akmal Rebitanim Soil fertility and plant nutrition
4. GS31367 Nur Atikah Binti Ibrahim Animal feed technology
5. GS39133 Lee Kai Wei Plant pathology
6. GS33688 Siti Mardhiyah Binti Razali Food security
7. GS35331 Chin Mei – Yee Plant biotechnology
8. GS38915 Alhassan Usman Bello Animal biotechnolgy



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